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At ROAS Matters your business’ growth is our ultimate objective. We develop and optimize PPC advertising campaigns using the perfect blend of relevant keywords and value-based content. By channelizing our successful PPC strategies, we aim at helping you grow your online sales and revenues. Unlike other PPC company in San Diego, California, at ROAS Matters we create detailed PPC strategies and continuously monitor and improve the campaign for best results. Our periodic analysis and reporting promote transparency and helps you leverage the digital platform, effectively.


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How It Work

Eight Step For Started Working Process



Our SEO specialists at first create a thorough report of your website’s current status about the pros and cons that take a detailed look at the competitive analysis. Based on the prepared audit report, best strategies are tailored for your business, brand and audiences.


Business & Industry Research

It’s not just about the onsite strategy that works, but what also goes hand to hand is the off-site study of your business competitors. Our research experts study the industry where your business belongs to. Based on this search of business as well as industry required measures are taken during the strategic planning.


Competitor Analysis

Discovering online as well as offline competitors is of major importance to take the correct measures to convert the weak spots of your competitor into your business opportunities. Our team of analysts have made it their habit to work on your competitor’s analysis quarterly.

Our PPC Campaign Management Process

Identifying Goals With Budget

Finalizing a goal for any campaign is the most essential thing that we do while creating a strategy because our strategy will be goal-oriented and we try to deliver the best ROI. We can provide you best option after calculating risk factors according to your budget.

Competitor and Keyword Research

Strong Competitor analysis and keyword research are the foundation of a Digital Marketing Project. We analyze market, user behavior, competitors in Keyword research. We at ROAS Matters take this planning very seriously and before starting we ensure to have a better structure that delivers stable and decent results.

Landing Page Testing and Optimization

Creating a unique, optimized and goal-oriented landing page is a big challenge Our expert team of designers and PPC experts creates different variations of designs to test, and with A/B testing and support of tracking results, we finalize the landing page with the scope of improvement.

Campaign Launch

We launch a campaign on various channels after initial analysis, research, landing page, and budget. We keep monitoring your campaigns on daily basis and based on user response we keep optimizing campaigns to deliver better results. We constantly keep in touch with our clients for regular feedback.

Performance Review and Reporting

We also offer regular review meetings on a bi-weekly or monthly basis depending upon the size of the campaign. This meeting is to ensure that we are on right track and your hard-earned money is spent on the right advertising. At monthly meetings, we also plan a budget, targets, and results for upcoming months.


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Get A Free Digital Marketing Consultation & Get More Leads, Grow Revenue and Increase Sales.

  • Website audit to improve the online presence.
  • Generate qualified leads.
  • Let the experts work for you.
  • Get more visits of your business online.
  • Increase sales and grow revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This commonly used for paid advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook ads. As per the name you only pay for the advertisement when someone clicks on it.
PPC platforms like Google Ads, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, Bing Ads, etc are highly used for paid advertising, however, the selection of PPC platforms may vary from project to project or industry to industry, so after careful analysis of the project and its users, we suggest suitable marketing channels to our clients.
Yes, this service is open for all company sizes, we have expertise in managing high-budget projects as well as small business PPC advertising.
The budget is completely dependent upon the size of the project and your expectations. It can be high or low. So no, it is not like you need a high budget to launch your PPC campaign.
Unlike SEO you can quickly see the results in PPC campaigns, as ads can go live within minutes of launching campaigns, however, achieving expected results in terms of ROI can take some time and a lot of optimizations and adjustments in your campaigns, that's why we suggest the minimum engagement of 3 months to all our PPC clients.